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  Mount Poupet :

  • The Mount Poupet is 853 meters at its highest point.
  • Famous for the scientific experiments carried out there by Louis Pasteur, it is today the favourite hangout of the fans of paragliding and hang-gliding.
  • Hikers will enjoy several viewpoints not only on the landscapes of Salins and of Jura, but also on the Mont Blanc, in the Alps, on clear days.


    Lime tree of Grange Sauvaget :


  • Outstanding tree of the region,
  • This lime tree was planted on the occasion of the wedding of Charles le Téméraire’s daughter.



 Mountain bike riding


  • Mountain bike centre with the Cycling French Federation label : 150 km of waymarked tracks throughout all the region of Salins with various durations and difficulty levels.
  • Map available free of charge at the Tourist Information Office.

Click here to download the tracks.

  Hiking and Walking


  • More than 200 km of waymarked paths throughout the region of Salins.
  • Map available for 5€ at the Tourist Information Office.

You will find many picnic tables all along these hiking paths.


 Archeological guide

Château-sur-Salins et Pretin : seven millenia of occupation. Leaflet co-edited by the « Communauté de Communes du Pays de Salins » and created under the direction of David Billoin and Philippe Gandel.


4 €

 The Gabelous Path

The Gabelous Path will take you to the discovery of the White Gold between the saltworks of Salins-les-Bains and the ones of Arc-et-Senans. It follows the former saumoduc – wooden pipe system used to carry the brine between the two sites. 15 detailed boards can be found along the path. At each spot, some QR codes will enable you to get connected to the website to learn more about it. Don’t forget to flash !

 The Jurassian Escape

Take the time to do this Jurassian escape, between two and fourteen days depending on your preferences , let yourself enjoy the riches and mysteries of this territory with its vivid mountainous terrain. Its majestic and varied landscapes are a promise of awe and wonder.



  • Discover or re-discover the pleasures of paragliding with the local association « Le Poupet Vol Libre ».
  • Maiden flight, Elementary and Advanced pilot courses.
  • Free access to the takeoff site for all registred members. / 00 33 3 84 73 04 56


  Tree Climbing


  • Acrobatic Park – Tree Climbing courses
  • Adventure in suspension points…
  • A place to relaxe for all the family, in an outstanding environment, on the hills over Salins, next to the Fort Saint-André.
  • 5 adults courses with different difficulty levels and 1 children course. / 00 33 3 84 73 06 79 




  • Fishing cards : day, week, month cards ; junior reductions.
  • Cards on sale at the fishing store “Fumey”.

00 33 3 84 73 10 59.